Personalised Lunch Box Campaign

In order to maintain the relevance of the Bega Creators Club site, it was imperative to devise a promotional strategy that would encourage customers and fans of Bega to interact with the brand and invest more time on the site. Consequently, we conceived a promotion that allowed customers to design their own custom lunch bags, thereby creating an engaging platform that linked our products to a significant event – lunchtime.

Leveraging our direct fulfilment model and website development team, we launched a comprehensive campaign that enabled shoppers to create bespoke branded Bega Lunch Bags, personalised with names, photographs and a diverse range of design elements available through drop-down menus. Over the six week promotional period, the site received more than 75,000 visits, with 13,000 customers creating

accounts, and a remarkable 10,402 unique, personalised lunch bags were produced and dispatched to customers across Australia.

This successful campaign has been running for five consecutive years, consistently delivering robust sales results while thrilling recipients. Its enduring popularity serves as a testament to its efficacy and demonstrates its potential to enhance brand engagement and customer loyalty.