Glad to be Green

Ocean Bound Plastic

With a successful launch of their plant-based products already in market, Glad were looking to make an even bigger commitment to sustainability and the welfare of our planet. With 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year, and 80% percent of that coming from land, prevention seemed a better attack than the cure. So, they turned to partner with the global recycler OceanWorks that recycle plastic found on beaches and landfills close to beaches preventing it from entering the ocean.

This recycled resin is used in the production of the New Glad to be Green bin liners. The Glad to be Green bin liners are more than just a bin liner. Every roll of bags produced helps stop the equivalent of 2 x 2L plastic milk bottles from flowing into the ocean. It was this everyday comparison that we used as the foundation of our idea. With so many conversations already on the go about plastic waste we needed to give the consumer a reason to buy our product at shelf – it came down to the difference they could make.

Communication was developed from the shelf back; each purchase could be tracked leading the customer to the website to see the impact they made as well discover more information about the recycling and production process. This was all supported by a thematic tv spot that linked the product to the impact it was making. The project has already prevented the equivalent of 9.623.095 million 2L plastic bottles from entering our oceans and that number continues to grow. Proving that doing good is good for business.