Little Shop Activation

Chobani recognised the potential of the successful Coles Little Shop Promotion and sought to demonstrate its own value to buyers. To achieve this, we proposed a head office activation that leveraged Chobani’s signature product and brand identity. Our creative concept aimed to transport buyers into an immersive, Alice in Wonderland-like experience by inverting the concept “little shop”

and shrinking buyers to a smaller size in comparison to the products inside an oversized fridge wall. To enhance engagement, prizes and collectable mini Chobani pouches could be won, as well as bespoke bobbleheads as a loyalty gift were on offer. The activation exceeded expectations and demonstrated the powerful impact that creativity can have on audience

engagement. The experience generated long queues, happy faces, and hundreds of Instagram posts, with attendees embracing the opportunity to have fun while experiencing the Chobani brand firsthand.