Gippsland Dairy

Fan Made Flavour

To coincide with the launch of the NEW Gippsland Yoghurt Mix-Ins product launch we were briefed to design a promotion that would help excite and engage our loyal fan base. With so many new flavour combinations available the idea of giving the chance for our biggest fan to have their flavour combination produced was created.

We designed and built the bespoke microsite and UX experience that allowed fans to mix, match and create their own unique flavour through a drop and drag function mirroring a real Gippsland Dairy tub. This allowed participants to totally engage in the flavour making process. Entrants were then able to submit their flavour combination

for a chance to have it released in market the following year. The fans loved it, and so did the client. Building better connections between the brand and our loyal fan base, as well as reaching new fans and growing our consumer base.