Disney Words Collectables

As part of Woolworths continued collectable loyalty programme an idea was needed that would be engaging, educational and made with environmentally friendly materials. Most of all, it had to connect with Aussie families and keep them coming back to store and engage with the program. We took our inspiration from the word game “Scrabble” and created very specific

‘Disney Tiles’ that were based on all the popular Disney films and characters. The tiles featured a collectable set of Disney Characters with different letters that could be joined to play word games or spell names. The tiles, packaging and the completer album were all produced from 100% recyclable materials. With the quality of the collectable, Woolworths were able to increase

the basket price to $30 for a pack of tiles. The results were impressive – with over 100 million tiles given out nationally. With positive social reviews and widespread media coverage helping to driving brand loyalty, the program touched almost every Aussie household.