Comfort + Iconic Campaign

Cross Promotion

Comfort has traditionally been positioned as a product that enhances the softness and fluffiness of laundry. However, a recent market study revealed that their previously loyal customer base was reducing their usage of fabric softener in light of modern detergents, which are formulated with all the necessary ingredients. Moreover, these detergents were found to be harsher on fabrics. This insight presented Comfort with a unique opportunity to develop a new formulation that not only maintains the softness of laundry, but also preserves the longevity of clothes.

This new formulation aims to care for your clothes and extend their lifespan thereby keeping them

looking new for longer. While these are compelling rational benefits, we recognized that there was a more powerful way to communicate this message by tapping into the emotional bond that people have with their favourite clothing items. Our advertising campaign was built around the theme “keep your favourite item, your forever item”, which leveraged this emotional connection.

To further expand our reach, we partnered with The Iconic, a leading online fashion retailer. Through this collaboration, we utilised The Iconic audience and online delivery mechanism to spread our promotional message.

The partnership involved the inclusion of Comfort’s promotional materials in every package delivered by The Iconic during the one-month promotional period, resulting in a staggering 50,000 package inserts and 400,000 EDMs sent to subscribers.

As a result, our campaign reached a total of 1.1 million people and garnered 3,400 entries, successfully raising awareness about the benefits of our new Comfort formulation. As part of this partnership, The Iconic ran a similar promotion on their platform, enhancing our message and positive impact on sales.