Glad to be Green

Compostable Bake Paper Reverse 

With the continued goal to be more environmentally friendly Glad continues to develop better products that align with their purpose to put an end to irresponsible waste. By removing the chlorine and bleach in the New Glad to be Green Compostable Bake Paper, it can be safely returned to the earth and instead of thrown

in the bin, it can go straight into the compost. It was this insight that gave rise to our idea and the line “To change the end we need to rethink the beginning.” In our creative execution we bring that idea to life by showing the moments of food preparation in reverse highlighting the point of our idea. A fully integrated campaign followed

with regional TV, digital online films, OOH, In-store POS and social media all underpinned with the hashtag #ChangeTheOutcome to help drive the ongoing two way conversation with our customers.