“Now anyone can help out”

Chux is a prominent household brand that has held a leading position in the Australian cleaning category for over six decades. However, with the emergence of private label alternatives and evolving consumer behaviour, the brand had witnessed a decline in its market share. To address this issue, our team at Think was tasked with repositioning Chux and creating a platform for sustained growth and innovation within the category.

In order to achieve this, we conducted a comprehensive analysis of the competitive

landscape, challenges, consumer behaviour, global trends, and audience. This enabled us to develop a new brand positioning that resonated with the audience in a natural and authentic manner. The new brand positioning, “Simply creating life ready homes for moments that matter every day,” was brought to life through a unique tone of voice, refreshed visual identity, and a brand manifesto, all beautifully compiled into a Brand Book.
To launch our first work off this new positioning, we created a campaign for the new Dishwand, titled “Now everyone can help out.”

This campaign was a tremendous success, reaching 82.8% of the target audience and achieving an 8% uplift in Product Ad Recall and 9% uplift in Product Consideration, both more than double the industry standards. The YouTube 15-second view-through rates also surpassed industry benchmarks. These remarkable results translated into strong launch sales, exceeding the client’s projections and helped Chux reconnect with their shoppers and users through an engaging and relevant campaign.