Audi 2


The Task Maintaining engagement points with new
car drivers is a critical element to marketing in the automotive sector. THINK was tasked with the design, development, manufacturing and fulfilment of a Welcome Pack for new Audi customers.
As a prestige car brand, Audi’s brief was for a premium looking pack that would reflect the look and feel of the business – including brand touchpoints that would be retained by the customer on a long-term basis.

The idea THINK conceptualized design ideas including
a letter, pen, notebook and roadside assistance card that would be packaged in a unique mailer – for safe/secure delivery to the customer. Audi selected a design that was compact, had a premium look and feel and upheld the unique aesthetic of the Audi brand.

Additionally, the pack components were all personalized with customer details – engaging them with an offering as unique as their own name. THINK has managed the entire manufacturing and delivery of these Welcome Packs and to-date have processed upwards of 150,000 records for Audi.

The Impact From initial inception to direct-to-door delivery, THINK has managed and produced a unique way to welcome new customers into the world of Audi. In 2019, we responded to Audi’s call to reduce carbon footprint by developing a simplified Welcome Letter and roadside assistance card – to replace the previous Audi Welcome pack. By doing so, we have helped Audi reduce carbon emissions – without compromising the brand’s strong relationship with customers.