Leaving you Speechless

Capturing the essence of communication and translating it to digital.

Speechless offers premium communication training for industry leaders and their teams. Their courses teach how to captivate an audience by capturing hearts and convincing minds. Speechless approached THINK. To create a modern webpage with a premium feel that captures the essence of the speechless experience and generates leads from high-end clients.


Since Speechless focuses on improving spoken communication; we wanted to capture the feeling that one might get listening to a brilliant presenter. We accomplished this through a scored animation, powerful images and content driven by Speechless’ ethos’- don’t communicate, captivate. Communication is 60% what you see, 30% what you hear and 10% what you say, so we wanted to adapt this truth to the digital format. Therefore, we kept the copy and design minimal in order to invite the audiences to think and imagine for themselves. The end result is a powerful website the client loves and that gives a clear insight into what Speechless is about.

  • Creative Development
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design & Production
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