Stretching the fun beyond the usual.

Designing a product that drives conversation across social media, and sales in-store.

The 7-Eleven loyalists have an unquenchable thirst for Slurpee and to maintain this, Slurpee must maintain an equally unquenchable thirst for innovation. There is a constant search for creative ways to add value, interest and encourage consumer engagement online and in-store with the Slurpee brand. The demand for novel ways to keep the product experience fresh, fun and socially engaging is literally 24/7.


When your customers love your product and you love your customers, the obvious solution is to spread more love by giving more product. This led us to analyse the very simple Slurpee cup with some very complex technology that produced some very radical innovations! The Slurpee Expandinator was the first radical value-adding concept that was manufactured by TPF. It delivered fun, talk-ability and more importantly it gave 20% more Slurpee in one simple and cost-effective invention.The second radical value-adding concept was the Stretch Cup, which again offered a creative alternative to the paper cup. It not only gave Slurpee fans more of what they wanted (more Slurpee) but it also introduced a re-usable valuable cup and created some fresh in-store theatre.

  • Product Development
  • Industrial Design
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