Making a Team Effort for the McGrath Foundation

Pull On Your Socks

The McGrath Foundation is one of the most well-known charitable organisations in Australia. They approached Think with a requirement to raise their profile for greater public visibility of and engagement with their fundraising initiative – the “Pull On Your Socks” campaign.


Research was conducted into the most impactful positioning strategies related to charity-sector organisations. We cross-referenced these findings against target audiences – as identified by the McGrath Foundation itself.

Think proposed an overarching creative theme that would immediately position the McGrath Foundation in a highly visible, impactful and positive light.


To generate engagement with the Australian public, we developed a number of concepts that were eye-catching, uplifting and memorable. Of these, the client decided upon an image of a McGrath Foundation nurse, edited to show the legs (and distinctive McGrath Foundation socks!) of a burly rugby player!

The message “Facing Breast Cancer Takes a Team Effort” was developed to help reinforce the support network that the McGrath Foundation funds.

The ad was then commissioned as part of a nationwide AdShel campaign, delivering superb exposure to the general public. This was supplemented with a Stellar magazine ad featuring the same creative, delivered to strengthen overall visibility and recall.


The campaign has helped to bolster the position and messaging of the McGrath Foundation, keeping it front-and-centre in the general public’s mind as one of the cornerstone cancer support charities in Australia.

 Expertise Delivered

  • Insights / Research
  • Concept
  • Development
  • Photography
  • Creative Design
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