Kingsford Launch Event

Put that in your barbecue and smoke it!

The Clorox Company is a brand that exists in all Australian houses, whether it’s in the form of a blue Superwipe hanging on your tap or cradling your baking dish in the oven in the form of GLAD Aluminium Foil. The company is part of every Australian household one way or another.

As a brand with a wide variety of products, they were now introducing the new and exciting Kingsford Charcoal brand into the Australian market. Kingsford Charcoal is the #1 charcoal brand in the United States. Their challenge was to create buzz and excitement amongst retailers and BBQ enthusiasts here in Australia in order to encourage them to stock the product.


We determined that the best way to create the buzz would be to give people something to talk about. THINK organised a product launch event in less than four weeks at a brewery in Sydney. The event attracted over a hundred people who came to sample to our beautifully slow roasted meat cooked using Kingsford charcoal, take a chance at the mechanical bull, meet the host Dale Vine and sample the delicious craft beer from the brewery.

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