Coca-Cola Rewards Program

Providing sweet rewards for Coca-Cola retailers across Australia.

Coca-Cola approached THINK. to come up with a way to incentivize outlets to activate CCA products in store. In response, we built a digital rewards program which compelled outlets nationwide to activate Coca-Cola in store.


The Coca-Cola Retailer Incentive Program ran for 8 weeks. During this time outlets could log on, earn points by completing different brand activation tasks and claim prizes. Tasks that could be accomplished to earn points included: building and displaying a Coca-Cola POS units; stocking certain SKUs; as well as increasing sales of participating products by at least 1%. We built a photo-upload function which allowed outlets to upload images of their activations straight from their phones. We provided the client with weekly reports and we also built, as well as distributed, eDMs in order to remind the participants of important milestones.

The rewards program was very popular amongst the CCA retailers and ultimately fulfilled all of the client‘s objectives.

  • Creative Development
  • Website Design & Production
  • Analytics
  • Loyalty Program
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