Chobani Product Reveal

Unveiling a new range for Chobani.

All people have great taste, they just need great options! Chobani entered the market in 2005 to provide high-quality, great tasting yogurt and are now a leader in the yogurt industry. No preservatives, no artificial colours just real, authentic and simple. Just like yogurt should be!

THINK was asked to help excite key contacts about the launch of Chobani’s new 100g tub for the food service range.


We wanted to make an impressive and lasting impression on the 300 Chobani key contacts. We wanted to create something that would start conversation around the offices, and so the Chobani Box was born.

The sides of the box were designed to fall once the lid was lifted, which gives a dramatic and impressive reveal of the 4 x Chobani tubs (plain, passionfruit, blueberry and strawberry). In addition, the hidden compartment within the box contained a Chobani mouse pad and Chobani mouse to leave the contacts with a gift.

The reveal box was a hit and the recipients were quick to contact Chobani to express their excitement. The project was a fun challenge which showed that no matter the job, we always think outside the box.

  • Packaging Development
  • Animation
  • Industrial Design
  • Product Development
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