Chobani: Food Service Show

Bringing SoHo cool to Melbourne.

Chobani is founded upon the belief of bringing great tasting food to all and in just five short years has evolved into the number #1 selling yogurt brand in the US and market leader here in Australia. As part of their eagerness to bring simple, deliciously thick yogurt to all, they saw it as only a natural progression to supply those who are also passionate about making great tasting food and so the Chobani Foodservice brand was born.

Chobani believes that its Foodservice model is a big part of the their future with over 81,000 outlets within Australia, the room for potential growth is endless. Their challenge, however, is make an impression on foodservice industry leaders and ensure that they know that Chobani are the ‘cool kids’ when is comes to premium yogurt.


THINK were invited to create the ultimate activation for Chobani’s up and coming Food Service Show in Melbourne. The aim of the event was to mark Chobani’s place as the market leader in the premium yogurt space and encourage attendees to ‘think, feel and act’ by creating an impressionable encounter. Inspired by Chobani’s New York SoHo store, the epitome of ‘foodie meets style,’ we created an activation the oozed street appeal and invited attendees to immerse themselves in the flavour and experience that is Chobani. From design to styling and all that comes in between, we managed to bring a hint of SoHo cool to Melbourne.

  • Research & Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Brand Activation
  • Visual Merchandising
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