Chobani Flip: Sampling Activation

Turning snacking upside down

Chobani Greek yogurt is already enjoyed by countless Australians at the breakfast table each morning, but as Chobani are renowned for their unique approach to all things yogurt, breaking out of breakfast and into snacking is no surprise for this lot. With copious amounts for success in the US, Chobani Flip, the product turning snacking upside down launched down-under this year.

Chobani Flip is positioned as the to go-to when in comes to the 3PM pick-me up. Created to have the prefect balance of sweet and savoury crunch and full of creamy, protein rich Greek yogurt, using the highest quality ingredients, it was sure to the a hit. In conjunction with their national launch in all leading retailers, Chobani were looking to reward those who have helped make the launch possible with the ultimate sampling event.


Chobani asked us take charge of the activation and bring to life Flip and the decedent flavours included in the range. The purpose of the event was to encourage attendees to experience Flip in full, whilst providing an element of education in a fun and interactive environment. Spread over a number of days, each day introduced a new Flip duo, whilst guests were treated to tastiest 3PM afternoon snack on the market, additional extensions including photo booths and social media encouragement ensured Flip made an impact beyond the activation. With over 19k + samples dispatched and each day selling out, it is safe to say we really ‘Flipped’ their week!

  • Research & Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Brand Activation
  • Visual Merchandising


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