Chobani Flip: Influencer Box

It not a snack, it’s a lifestyle.

Chobani’s newest creation is are out to change the world one snack at a time, with the goal to ‘flip’ the world of healthy, convenient snacking on its head. Chobani Australia, in cohesion with the US, launched their famous Flip on Aussie shores this year, with 10 delicious crave-worthy flavours, all packed with Chobani’s protein rich, authentic Greek yogurt and mouth-watering mix-ins, the product was sure to be a hit.

Already a huge successes in the US, it was clear that the product was pretty incredible. Chobani just needed to get local mouths watering for this scrumptious creation. Once they had a taste, they would keep coming back for more!


THINK were tasked with the role of developing an influencer pack that would give heed to the strengths and uniqueness of the Flip product. In times where influencer packs are sleuthed across every social platform possible, to get the desired impact Chobani were after, this design had to wow and get people talking. Since the product itself was already so unique, it only made sense to create a giant Flip tub, it had all the key assets the client was after – eye catching, key messaging, storage for all those tasty samples. Inside, the tub was packed to the brim with Flip product and useful gifts including a branded gold spoon, USB and portable charger to ensure that Chobani Flip was on their minds for months to come.

  • Research & Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Brand Activation
  • Visual Merchandising
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