Chobani Flip: Hype Reel

Turning snacking upside down

For those who need an afternoon sugar hit, unhealthy snacks with little to no nutritional value are usually the way to silence grumbling tummies.With Chobani’s newest innovation, we’ve said “Goodbye” to guilty snacking, and “Hello” to a product that has all the upside and no downside, the Chobani Flip.

This mouth-watering creation is looking to revolutionise the snacking market and take yogurt beyond the breakfast table. With crave-worthy crunch, combined with Chobani’s iconic protein-packed Greek yogurt, it could just be Chobani’s best innovation yet. Hitting stores in August 2017, Chobani tasked THINK with getting retailers hyped about the product, to ensure a successful launch into market.


Flips to Flips’ into the Aussie market, Chobani asked THINK to produce a number or hype reels to be featured across local retailers (Coles and Woolworths) to both excite and educate employees on the product. The reel needed to induce anticipation of the up and coming launch, encourage in-store support for the range, whilst ultimately getting stomachs growling for the most scrumptious product launch of the year. Tailored to each retailers’ needs a range of clips were developed, some to simply excite and other to delve into greater detail of the product, brand and execution for the months to come. Featuring delectable visuals of ingredients bursting with flavour and SKUs packed full of real ingredients, each reel left audiences drooling whist bringing to life a ‘Flipping’ good product.

  • Creative Development
  • Brand Activation
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