Chobani developed Chobani FiT

The Task

Chobani developed Chobani FiT, a high in protein, no added sugar and low in fat, delicious yogurt, to target the health and wellness market in Australia.

THINK was briefed to launch Chobani FiT in Coles and Woolworths, and bring to life the connection between the most popular sporting codes, AFL and NRL.

The Idea

To engage and excite staff about the FiT launch, stars of each sporting code got involved with the activation and met Coles and Woolworths staff.

THINK created a handball wall for staff and players to handball and receive a gift for successfully hitting the target. Everyone who took part received a sample of Chobani FiT.

In Melbourne, Jack Riewoldt and Alex Rance of Richmond Football Club and in Sydney, NRL’s Brett Kimmorley and coach Shane Flanagan Canterbury Sharks took part.

Loyalty Gifts
THINK developed dumbbells large enough to hold the FiT range as well as the gift of a gym towel.

The Impact

The activations resulted in the largest numbers of staff of any previous Chobani activations.
The lines were unprecedented, the anticipation of the Richmond players’ arrival was visceral, with the common atrium area filled with staff and Richmond fans alike.

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