A Podcast Winner Amongst Us

Advertising and Marketing veteran wins ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Australian Podcast Awards.

It is with great pride and excitement that one of TPF THINK’s senior staff members has been recognised as the Best Newcomer at this year’s Australian Podcast Awards.

She kept her side project ‘Dating Upside Down’ relatively quiet as she hosts under pseudonym, “Alison Tinderland”, offering a very personal and often funny take on dating and relationships.

An ever growing roster of dating and relationship content has been fueling an insatiable public appetite for more love fails and dating disasters.

“I was in shock, my jaw hit the floor when Dating Upside Down was called out as the winner,” said Tinderland. “I think we all just want to feel ok about our own relationships or lack thereof. We’re all voyeurs at the end of the day. People love this stuff.”

“I didn’t doubt that she had the talent to win,” said Marietjie Muijs, Founder and Director of TPF THINK. “We’re incredibly encouraging of our staff pursuing their passion projects, it adds an extra dimension to our offering and we couldn’t be more thrilled for Alison.”

Made more remarkable as the podcast almost never was. Despite talking about it for years, Alison began making great progress in the last year when her first editor pulled the pin just the day prior to launch, leaving a bunch of half edited episodes.

Disappointed but not dissuaded, she hustled and found a new editor that same day, a Sunday!

Editor Belinda Coombs of Red Lemon Productions came to the rescue, working tirelessly with Alison for three days to re-edit the first episode and set up all relevant hosting and iTunes accounts. All of which enabled the podcast to launch, poetically on Valentine’s Day.

“It was the worst and best day of the whole process,” said Tinderland. “But I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, to find an editor to work their magic and to launch on Valentine’s Day was a dream.”

It comes at an interesting time for THINK who’ve been exploring the opportunities around branded podcasts for our clients.

“There’s a clear swing back to long form content and whilst I wouldn’t recommend home recording a low budget podcast to any of our clients, the value of storytelling that podcasting provides opens up new ways to position brands and  capture audiences.” Said Alison.

“There are some great example of brands partnering with agencies and publishers to produce incredibly successful podcasts with relevant, interesting content that audiences actually want. So, if we can do the same for our clients, all the better,” Tinderland said.

Where to next for the Dating Upside Down podcast? Series 2 is in the works but Series 1 is complete and available wherever you get your favourite podcasts.

“The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and  I know it has the legs to become something great. All advertisers welcome!” Tinderland smiled. Watch this space.

TPF THINK are a creative marketing agency, part of the TPF Group stable, born out of a growing client need for strategy and creative solutions. Since entering the scene about 18 months ago they’ve been kicking goals with clients such as Chobani, Clorox, Grown Alchemist and more. www.tpfthink.com.au, LinkedIn


Dating Upside Down is a real, raw and funny dating and relationship podcast hosted by Alison Tinderland. She’s been dating for over two decades and become an accidental dating expert with the stories and insights to prove it.

The woman behind the alter ego has been working in advertising and marketing for over 20 years.

iTunes – Dating Upside Down
Facebook – @datingupsidedown 
Twitter – @Dateupsidedown
Blog – www.datingupsidedown.com

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