Our Purpose

As an agency, we have recently created and developed a new brand identity that really speaks to who we are and why we exist. We have gone through a lot of change in the past few years and our focus has been on growing the right team, developing our expertise in different territories and of course, doing the daily work required in agency land.

With knowing ourselves ‘so well’ and a passion for developing brand identity systems – we assumed that this will be a quick and easy task – not like most brand work we do where there are multiple layers and sign-off points that requires time. But we soon discovered (what I really already knew in my heart) that looking inward and evaluating our own brand was a much harder task than doing a diagnostic on someone else’s. Our identity is not dictated or directed by one person – or based solely on the services we deliver. It has been carefully constructed and put together by the same heart that beats in all our bodies.

We are not a ‘building’ that delivers a whole bunch of services to brands and businesses. We are a group of people that are equally passionate about our work, with expertise that compliment each other. We often joke and say we are like the United Nations when we sit in our boardroom. Over half of our team was born in a different country – so culturally we are diverse and dynamic group that shares a common value system.

What drives us forward is a strong entrepreneurial history, the fire to find the truth, the reason behind it, what makes people do things, and the tenacity to strive for excellence. We don’t give up or walk away. We are fighters that believe in doing what is right – by clients, by brands, and by people.

So – what is our purpose as an agency?

It’s simple.

Authentic connections.

Our aim is to truly understand everything about an audience as individuals and the essence of a brand – and the skill to create an emotional connection from that intellect.

That is why we are meticulous with our method and diligently uphold the responsibility that brands place in our hands every day. Our strategy is not ephemeral. It is about giving brands their own momentum and a velocity that fuels itself at every touch point through authentic connections. Owning hearts.

And our own reward is simply this…

We love what we do.

By Marietjie Muijs – Director of TPF Think


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