Millennial Misconceptions – 3 Insights Your Brand Can’t Ignore

Apparently, millennials are narcissistic social media addicts – there’s an abundance of opinions that paint a picture of this generation that are largely untrue.

The generation, born between 1983 and 1994, are studied as if they are a foreign species, but are they really that hard to read?

Truly understanding this generation is essential for marketers. Below are three key considerations to help you gain a better understanding of this generation.

1. Millennials give a sh*t.

Millennials care about a lot more than just themselves.

This generation is community minded and passionate about their beliefs, with topics such as animal welfare, refugee rights and the environment being at the top of their agendas. Many Millennials look to key figures such as Barack Obama, Elon Musk and Malala as voices to follow1.

This generation are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint2. Having lost faith in the government and corporate support, Millennials are starting to speak out and advocate for change. Now, more than ever is an apt time to ask yourself – “What can our brand do to develop partnerships with organisations or advocates Millennials care about?”.

2. Millennials are Anxious.

49% of Millennials are anxious3. They’ve grown up in a world of social media, where people can filter their lives to show only the good aspects – while covering for their lack of self-esteem.

They deal with their anxiety by going out, spending time online or hiding at home. But millennials are also leading the way when it comes to looking after their mental health – with over 35% reporting actively trying to improve their mental health4.

This level of anxiety creates a strong desire for certainty, so help to make your Millennial customers feel like they are in control.

3. Millennials crave authentic connections.

While influencer marketing has grown in popularity in the last few years, influencers are no longer connecting with Millennial consumers as well as you may think. As desire for authenticity grows, career influences are losing traction as a credible source of content.

Millennials relate to each other the most, and value the opinions of their peers more than ever. So it’s no surprise that user-generated content has become key for brands in building trust and fostering relationships with customers.

Perhaps Millennials aren’t so mysterious after all. Rather than perpetuating misconceptions, it’s important to listen carefully to them to garner longer, more meaningful connections. The lesson lies in understanding this key segment of society – and for marketers to actively respond to the things that interest, concern and excite them.

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By Virginia Krantz – Junior Account Manager

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